1 Describe the various modes by which agency and sub agency may be terminated.

2 Explain  the provisions of the factories Act 1948 relating to the safety of the workers.

3 What is the procedure for filing complaint and procedure on receipt of complaint under consumer protection act,1986?

4 State the provisions of Industrial Dispute act 1947 regarding lay off and retrenchment.

5 Write a short note on Promissory note, bill of exchange. Also differentiate between them.

6.     “ All contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts” explain and Illustrate.

7.       Discuss the various tests you would apply to ascertain whether an agreement is a contract or not”.

8.       Write short note on Lapse of Offer

9.       Consideration is a necessary element in the binding of contract” discuss with exception to the rule.

10.       Who is competent to enter into contract? Discuss the position of minor in this regard.

11.       What do you mean by free consent? When consent is not free. Differentiate between coercion and undue influence?

12.       What are the agreements opposed to public policy.

13.       Distinguish between wagering and contingent contract.

14.       What is the meaning of tender of performance? Explain the essentials of a valid tender.

15.   Briefly explain the different kinds of remedies available for breach of contract?

16.   What is agency? How an agency can be treated under the laws of agency?

17.   What are the rights of Surety? How the surety is discharged.

18.   Classify the bailment. Discuss the duties of Bailer and bailey in the contract of Bailment.

19.   What is the procedure for making the complaint under CPA 1986.

20.   What do you mean by Sale and agreement to sell? Distinguish both

21.  Distinguish between condition and warranty. What are the various implied conditions and warranties? When the breach of condition is treated as breach of warranty?

22.   Explain the meaning of CIF and EX-ship Contracts

23.   Who is an unpaid seller? What are the rights of an unpaid seller?

24.   What are the provisions of Factories Act, 1948 regarding working hours and annual leave with wages?

25.   What are the provisions of Industrial dispute Act, 1947 regarding strikes and lockouts?

26.   What are the duties of Public Information Officer as per RTI act?



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